Bell, Book and Candle

George Duning, 1958
(lyrics by Dan Ferris)
From the movie Bell, Book and Candle

The movie Bell, Book and Candle (1958) stars Jimmy Stuart, Kim Novak and Jack Lemmon, with Novak playing a beautiful witch who falls in love with a mortal, and is the most likely the inspiration behind the TV series Bewitched, although 1942’s I Married a Witch, starring Veronica Lake, may also have had an influence. Steve Allen of Tonight Show fame wrote lyrics for this song, but they were not used in the film, and by the time I learned the song had words I’d already created my own. Below are both the Steve Allen and Dan Ferris lyrics.

For what it’s worth, when penning lyrics for “movie” songs, I want them to make sense both within the context of the film and on their own, the idea being that one can relate to them, whether or not one has seen the movie.

As for the music, a Latin rhythm of some kind seemed appropriate and the band worked up an Afro-Cuban sound that works extremely well. Originally, we opened the song with me humming the melody line, in the same way Gillian Holroyd (Kim Novak) had done in the movie while casting a spell. Although it was a great fit on paper, on the actual recording the intro dragged, so I chose to edit it out, opening instead with the main melody played by all the instruments—a stronger choice.

To mix it up, we shift to the “Black Coffee” riff coming out of the last bridge. It matches the pace of the film, which becomes less frenetic—more down to earth—once Gillian has lost her magical powers.


Bell, Book and Candle
(Dan Ferris lyrics)

I gaze into your eyes, your eyes so green
That’s how your spell’s cast
The room is on fire, or so it seems
Your spell has me falling fast.

Enchantment or love––which does it mean
When I’m wrapped in your arms?
A mere mortal man can’t beat your schemes
So why try to fight your charms?

For there’s witchcraft in the air
And it comes from your magical stare
I’m a child with you
‘Cause I’m wild for you
I’m caught in this “Bell, Book and Candle” dream.

Your mystic charms destroyed my world
Just like a Vandal.
But in the end you’re now my girl
In this “Bell, Book and Candle” dream.

Then a tear comes to your eye
And your powers are suddenly dry.
You’re in love with me!
Though I tried to flee
I’m still rapt by your “Bell, Book and Candle” scene.

Your mystic charms destroyed my world
Just like a Vandal
But in the end you’re now my girl…
A strange kind of scandal
How can I handle
Your “Bell, Book and Candle” scene?!

Bell, Book and Candle
(Steve Allen lyrics)

These I require to call you forth––
Bell, book and candle.
Here by the fire and facing north,
I’ll work my magic on you.

Midnight will start the witching hour,
Hour of enchantment,
Then I’ll impart the mystic power
Humans believe is taboo.

There are those who laugh at witchcraft
But they’ve never been caught in its glow.
At the sound of the bell
You are under my spell
You’ll be trapped by the voodoo that I do.

Silence the bell and close the book.
Snuff out the candle.
Witchcraft was just a chance I took
Too hot to handle,
Bell, book and candle,
I’m only human with you.