Dan Ferris - Now Playing Album


It’s been nearly 100 years since jazz music was first fused with moving pictures. It’s fitting that two of America’s greatest contributions to the arts should get their starts at roughly the same time.

Now Playing! presents material taken from movies and television—a not-new concept that dates back at least 60 years. So how is this album different? Perhaps it’s not. As a singer, one is tempted to immediately proclaim, Because it’s me, and no one else has my voice. True, but uniqueness ipso facto is not a great-making quality. What can be said is that you’ll likely hear some songs you’ve not heard before and arrangements that tend to be (dare we say it?) unique.

To achieve this, we rearranged the songs—ripped them apart and reassembled them, adding and rewriting lyrics, building lyrical and musical themes, and borrowing elements from rock, R&B, Latin and even classical styles, as well as drawing upon ideas and concepts from history, pop culture and the arts.

With each song we sought out interesting and fresh options, while at all times mindful that the finished product will be heard by you, the listener. We hope you enjoy the results.