At a time when there is less and less binding us together, jazz and the Great American Songbook remain inclusive and may well represent the last bastion of America’s popular culture. Even many of the rock and pop musicians idolized by America’s youth in their heydays, and who were an existential threat to the Songbook, now embrace “the standards,” releasing their own interpretations.

Dan Ferris’s Jazz and Songbook sets connect with an audience—the music he performs is part of the American fabric, and his vocal delivery is second to none. His song stylings penetrate the souls of listeners, young and old, affecting them at the most elemental level.

No matter the occasion or “feel” of the room or event, Dan Ferris is able to draw from a wide array of styles and material, making music choices that fit the moment.


Dan Ferris may be hired to perform at a variety of events, including clubs, corporate and private parties, festivals, weddings, and any other occasion where the right live music will add energy, elegance and ambiance to the atmosphere. The size of the band can range from a simple piano/vocal duo to a big band.